Wednesday 26 February – A Thirsty World

      Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre    7.30pm

A European family of four consumes 140,000 litres of water every week. But isn’t ours. It comes from other, often developing countries, that produce our coffee, jeans and cheap meat. There, water is often scarce and, in the face of climate change, increasingly a cause of conflict. At the same time, those water sources are among the most exquisite natural wonders of the
world – from the Congo basin to the Cambodian deltas. Viewed from surreal heights, and plunging to earth to meet the campaigners, entrepreneurs and women on the frontline, A Thirsty World is a beautiful, urgent call to everyday action.
Screening followed by a discussion on Scotland’s own role in water preservation, with Helen
Anderson (Head of WaterAid Scotland).

With Fairtrade refreshments.  Admission free  – but please book

www.rbcft.co.uk     01387 264808


Saturday 1 March  – Dumfries Goes Bananas

Join us at the fountain for banana smoothies from

 the smoothie bike – 10am – 1.30pm

part of the  Make all Bananas Fair campaign see http://foncho.fairtrade.org.uk/ for more information

Saturday 1 March – UK Gold

Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre    5pm

www.rbcft.co.uk     01387 264808

This documentary lifts the lid on tax dodging and has been described by the Guardian as “The kind of film to get the blood boiling and steam hissing out of your ears.”

The film expertly dissects the way in which vast sums of taxes are funnelled away from the people who need them and into tax havens. Developing countries lose three times as much to tax havens as they receive in aid every year; what steps can we take to redress the balance sheet?

Followed by discussion and ideas for practical action with panellists including Diane Green, Campaigns Officer – Scotland, Christian Aid.


Friday 7 March

Fairly traded crafts and Fairtrade baking stall

St John’s Church, Lovers Walk    

As part of the Christian Aid Soup and Roll Lunch 12noon – 1.30pm

Saturday 8 March  – Environment Fair

DGOne Leisure Centre    10am – 3pm

Join us for some banana themed activities…

follow us!

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