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Welcome to the website of the Dumfries Fairtrade Group

Click on News and events to find out what’s happening.

On this site you can also  find information about what are doing to raise awareness of Fairtrade in Dumfries.  There are also links to lots of information about Fairtrade for schools, businesses and… everyone.

As a group we meet to plan events and activities and to campaign for trade justice around the world.  We campaigned for Dumfries to become Fairtrade Town and we are delighted that the whole region of  Dumfries and Galloway achieved Fairtrade Zone status in November 2017.

For information about  the  Fairtrade Foundation, Information  for Schools and the  Scottish Fair Trade Forum please click on the links to the to the right.

To find out more about us please explore the website,  and you can email us at


and you can also  find us  on facebook  (Dumfries Fairtrade)  and Twitter @FairDumfries